About Us

    Liaoning Zhaoming law firm was founded in April 2008 by three senior lawyers. After ten years of hard work, there are 47 registered practicing lawyers, 20 practicing lawyers and administrative staff, 67 in total; the law firm is located in the CBD International double 5A top business office building Nord building in Xinghai Square, Dalian, with an office area of more than 1000 square meters. Now it has become a comprehensive law firm with high popularity in Dalian.

    In order to meet the diversified needs of customers, Zhaoming law firm develops commercial legal services as the main service, supplemented by civil and criminal dispute resolution, and constantly develops new service fields while improving the traditional business service ability and quality. In addition to its outstanding achievements in equity, investment and financing, real estate construction, maritime insurance, domestic and international trade legal business, foreign investment, etc., Zhaoming law firm is still in the company in the near future Legal risk prevention and labor and personnel management have become a banner of considerable influence; in addition, Zhaoming has made initial achievements in providing services to government agencies, state-owned enterprises and financial institutions, and the rich experience accumulated for this purpose is feeding more customers.

    Lawyer Zhaoming pays attention to customer experience and satisfies customers' Multi-dimensional needs in a differentiated way. For this reason, Zhaoming not only has accumulated the most abundant professional resources at home and abroad, but also tries to integrate complementary resources for customers, break through the limitations of traditional service mode and segmentation, and form a partnership of company, symbiosis and common prosperity with customers. In addition, Zhaoming not only solves practical problems for customers, but also creates additional business value for customers.

    Zhaoming lawyers always bear in mind the value of "Zhaoming Mingde, stop at the best", never forget the professional mission and social responsibility of lawyers, and pay attention to the balance between the spirit of the rule of law and the legitimate interests of customers. Behind the legal services, they have been guiding customers to establish the concept of the rule of law, to uphold business principles, and to do their best to build a good business environment.

    Lawyer Zhaoming practices the world with morality and justice, and gentleman Zhaoming is upright!

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